73 Questions with Regents Park

Today our needs, likes and personality traits are constantly being predicted by algorithms fuelled by social media data. But just how accurate are these predictions?

This film follows a character created by the IMB Watson Personality Insight algorithm, using information about Regents Park from Google reviews, local news stories and the parks history. Parodying Vogue magazine’s ‘73 Questions’ YouTube videos, I have reappropriated this commercial interview style as a method to depict the algorithm’s ability to develop insight and consumer traits.

Alluding to the ludicrous nature of predicting and voicing solitude spaces whilst questioning whether our understanding of the area can be enhanced via this artificially intelligent perspective.

Access algorithm at: https://personality-insights-demo.ng.bluemix.net 

Special thanks to:
Bethany-Jane Christian 
Jack McCausland
Chica Okeke
Phoenix Hamilton