Designing Empathy

In partnership with Uscreates, we speculated how service design could be distilled into government policy in order to make council services more accessible and approachable for users.

Our group proposed an advocacy training program for staff, recontextualising qualities often held by trained butlers and placing them into the council.  This concierge type position would assist individuals when they enter the building, directing them to sign in desks and answering any initial questions. We hope this role would break down barriers and make the sevice easier to navigate. Since this is one of the main causes of frustration which can lead to other difficulties later on. 

We were later invited to pitch our idea to members of Hackney council during a workshop run by Uscreates. Our speculative proposal was highly praised, and a simplified version of our idea is being reviewed and put forward for implementation in Hackney Council.

We later presented this project at the Service Design Fringe Festival in London (2018).

In collaboration with:
Sabina Islas
Louise Skajem
Kira Csala
Jintae Jeon